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Graphic and Motion Design

We wish this went without saying, but we know it doesn't. At Republik, we have a clear mission: to help brands change the world. And to do so, we need and want to create an inclusive environment where a diverse team of talented people can feel at complete liberty to put their convictions to work, and know they'll be heard and valued in return. We believe in the power of recruiting, employing, training, compensating, and promoting regardless of race, religion, skin colour, national origin, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, language, accent, or any of the other characteristics that make you uniquely you. By bringing our different identities, abilities, and experiences together, we can better understand the communities we serve, foster greater creativity, and collectively revolutionize the industries in which we operate.

Republik is looking for a Graphic and Motion Design sepcialist to help brands who are genuinely looking to have a positive impact on the environment and society. You will work for clients in industries such as food, second-hand retail, health-tech, arts and culture, and more. This person will translate the stories of our clients' brands into striking visuals adapted to each of the brand's platforms, mainly digital. You'll be part of the creative team and work under the supervision of the Creative Director and Associate Creative Director.

Alright, so what's the job?

The job is to change the world through the Creation of Social Capital™. But if you want us to be more precise, here’s a list of tasks you’ll have to do in your day-to-day:

  • Work with an Art Director to translate ideas into storyboards and foster them through production.
  • Collaborate with the design team to bring to life and deliver high-quality and innovative motion graphic content that seamlessly integrates with clients’ branding platforms.
  • Collaborate with the content and production teams to develop motion graphics for content series for social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).
  • Design 2D vector graphics and animate them while editing a mix of live action footage and 2D motion graphics.
  • Provide accurate time estimates for each part of the process.
  • Occasionally work on digital creative assets with the design and content teams.
  • Assist and collaborate with the Associate Creative Director to translate ideas into video art direction.
  • Respect clients’ existing brand guidelines and/or aesthetic when developing motion work.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions with the creative team.

What kind of background are you looking for?

You'll find our ultimate wish list below, but we encourage you to apply even if you don't feel like your profile matches every criteria. Remember, men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications.

  • You have relevant experience within a creative agency or design studio as a Motion Designer/Designer.
  • You love to think “in motion”, you have an eye for design and the skills to execute your vision across a variety of digital platforms.
  • You have a base knowledge in mixing sound for video and are eager to learn more.
  • You're a visual communicator (i.e you know how to explain your ideas).
  • You're proactive and enjoy creative problem-solving.
  • You can manage your time and meet deadlines, and no design challenge is too big or too small.
  • You're culturally curious, staying on the pulse of emerging technology, art forms, and entertainment.
  • You're highly collaborative, organized, and kind. In other words, you’re a team player with no ego.
  • You meet challenges with a sense of possibility and openness.
  • You're hungry to learn and try new things, both in terms of your own skill set and ideas we bring to clients.
  • You have extensive knowledge of Adobe Suite and Premiere, especially After Effects.
  • Bonus points if you have experience in web design (landing pages).
  • And extra bonus points if you can speak both French and English.
  • What kind of people do you hire?

Here are our five social standards that guide us in our mission and hiring process:

1 - Be Committed

We're all on the same team and we share a common vision for a better world. Building a better world takes time and energy, so we have to make commitments—to our colleagues, our clients, and our planet.

2 - Stay Curious

Our 9 to 5 doesn’t define who we are. But who we are defines our 9 to 5. We cultivate our passions, we seek discovery, and we stay open to the world. Keeping our fire alive is a full-time job.

3 - Think Bold

We don’t do average. Our ideas are meant to disrupt the status quo and challenge brands to dream about what they can become. Forget impossible, because to change the world, you have to be brave enough to believe you can.

4 - Speak Real

We like our stories real and our facts checked. No B.S. Our culture is inclusive and our collaborations based on integrity and honesty. Ego is not your amigo.

5 - Rise Together

Our collaboration exists above titles and our trust in one another is more than just task descriptions. We work together with more empathy than criticism, more vulnerability than ego, and more listening than talking. Because 1+1=3.

And what are the conditions?

We know we're not perfect, and we're humbly working to continually better ourselves. We also know actions speak louder than words, so here's an overview of our current equality, diversity & inclusion initiatives:

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage after your first 3 months of employment, including access to a virtual care platform for mental and physical health
  • Paid sick time, including mental health, wellness, and period days, no questions asked
  • Flexibility around childcare and family sick time
  • Flexibility around remote work, working hours, and vacation time
  • Additional benefits accrued with seniority, including the possibility of an unpaid leave or part-time schedule
  • Recognition of religious and cultural holidays
  • Recognition of Juneteeth and Martin Luther King Jr Day in allyship with Black Lives Matter
  • Company volunteer days
  • Mentorship opportunities for employees interested in leadership positions or other promotions, including women and BIPOC
  • A commitment to implement the demands contained in The Call for Equity, an open letter to Canadian Advertising and Marketing Industry Leaders to create a more equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist advertising and marketing industry
  • The creation of a justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion committee whose members have dedicated time in their work schedule to research, discuss, and implement best practices

In terms of perks, we have a beautiful office in downtown Montreal, but we also have an office in Tremblant to make sure people stay connected with nature. We have online yoga classes, a cash-back program for those who use public transportation, lunch-and-learn sessions every month, and one big offsite event every year with inspiring guest speakers and enriching activities. Oh and everyone gets Summer Fridays, which means our afternoons are meeting-free for an opportunity to take off early!

Most importantly, our team is what makes Republik different. What sets us apart is that we truly care about our employees and we walk the talk. (We actually won a prize for that!)

There's so much more, but you'll have to come see for yourself!

Hiring process

  • We are collecting spontaneous applications for future hires. There will be no immediate hires.
  • Salary based on experience.
  • Only selected candidates will be contacted.
  • To apply, send us your resume, relevant achievements, and links to the platforms of your choice (LinkedIn, Behance, personal website, and/or social media) by filling in the form here.

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About Republik

Republik is a creative agency at the intersection of brands & sustainability. A certified B-Corporation and Global Compact Signatory, we’re a collective of purpose-driven talents who share a common belief that businesses can do well by doing good. Our clients retain our services to develop purpose-centric brand platforms, digital marketing & content solutions, as well as change-focused advertising campaigns. We believe brands can change the world. Do you?