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Instagram Roadtrip: Vincent Brillant’s top 5 Quebec destinations

Summer is almost around corner, and for the occasion, Vincent Brillant - @montrealismes, wanted to share his top 5 destinations for a most memorable summer roadtrip in Quebec. Discover why these locations made his Instagram-aesthetic-eye vibrate.

Vincent is our content creator of the month of june.

Anse St-Jean

« I was coming back from a long day of shooting in Saguenay with a friend of mine and there was this perfect light shining through for golden hour. We were desperately searching for something to take a picture of before it got too late, because the lighting was simply perfect… and then BANG, we turned the corner of this little paved road and saw this superb house, perfectly placed in a valley in between two mountains and the sun was behind it. We immediately stopped to take pictures.

Anse Saint-Jean - Saguenay

Cap Jaseux in Saguenay Lac St-Jean

« A house built in the trees in Parc Aventures du Cap Jaseux à Saint-Fulgence. I haven’t had the chance to sleep there yet, but next time I go back, I will definitely not miss out on the opportunity.

Cap Jaseux - Saguenay

Magdalen Islands

« Barely an hour after we got out of the plane in Magdalen Islands, we starting to explore the first island when I noticed a beach and a turning road. The fog was rising and there was this little house at the end of the road, it was so photogenic!

« I had noticed the lighthouse during my first day on the island, but it was a rainy day and the conditions weren’t in my favor for a good picture. The day before I left, the weather and the lighting were perfect, I could not resist the idea of going back to this spot to see the sunset. Like we can observe on the picture, it was worth it!

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Mulgrave et Derry - Outaouais

« The famous career of quartz in Mulgrave et Derry. I decided to go with a couple of my friends- this one day where the weather called for -30. We did 2h30 of driving but hardly stayed for 15 minutes of shooting because the weather was so unsupportable! Then again, this place was so breathtaking that I consider that our trip was worthwhile. P.S. Sadly, this mine is no longer accessible.

Mulgrave & Derry - Outaouais

Parc national des grands jardins - Charlevoix

« This is a picture that I took at the summit of Mont du lac des signes dans le parc National des Grands Jardins while on a spontaneous roadtrip that I decided to do with some friends of mine last October. Our arrival at the summit was a surreal experience in itself, though it was 15-20 degrees at the bottom of the mountain and almost 0 degrees on top. In the picture, we can observe at far what we first thought was rain, but we finally realized was snow. It was a nice, unexpected surprise!

Parc national des grands jardins - Charlevoix

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