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Playground : our interns are not afraid to dive in

Playground: our interns are not afraid to dive in!

As is the tradition, for each new edition of the Playground program, I have to do a photo shoot and an article on the blog to present our new interns. Usually, I would take the lead on this. However, this time, it’s definitely the interns who got me into this great project!

With Étienne’s help, a content creator here at the agency, here I am searching for the right camera angles in a public pool at 6:45am. The girls found the whole concept, costumes and the matching pool; in sum, all I have to do is my part of the job.

One hour into the photo shoot, with my jeans all wet, Étienne and I have all the pictures we need and we’re heading back to the agency. Back in the office, I’m sitting down with the girls and have a few questions up my sleeve so that we can get to know them better.

Playground - Republik

Manny: Girls, welcome to Republik! Quickly, I would like to discover who’s behind this awesome swimming team; who are you, where do you come from and where are you heading?

Émilie: My name is Émilie Levesque, I’m 21 years old. I come from Saguenay and I studied in marketing at Sherbrooke University. I’m mostly heading in the Communications and marketing field.

Manny: And you have a YouTube channel!

Émilie: Yes! I'm an influencer on the side.

Arianne: Arianne, 24 years old, I’m finishing my cumulative degree at UQAM and I’m here to discover more about my career orientation.

Jenève: Jenève, 23 years old, I come from Abitibi and I just graduated in marketing from HEC. I had a big crush with the web marketing, and here I am!

Catherine: I’m Catherine, I’m 28 and I come from afar (Laughs). My aspirations for the future would be to live without limits. It implies to have a lot of ideas, making them a reality and moving forward.

Catherine Potvin - Playground 2018

Manny : Now, I would like to know how did you come across the Playground program and what pushed you to apply?

Émilie: With Sherbrooke University, we have access to coop internships and Playground was part of it. Why did it caught my eye? I wanted an agency experience and influence marketing was already part of my day-to-day as a YouTuber. Therefore, I was curious to learn more about the client-agency relations.

Arianne: I was following Republik on Facebook, and when I saw the ad for Playground in my feed I thought, “I’m going to try this! I think there’s a spot for me there.” I applied and here I am!

Jenève: During my years at HEC I was involved in everything related to sustainable development, and we were always challenging ourselves to learn more about sustainable agencies in Montreal. If you didn’t know, Republik is a B-Corp and that’s why it was clear to me that this agency was made for me! Thus, Republik was the only agency I applied to.

Manny : Wait, Playground was the only program you applied to? And you got in? Wow!

Jenève: Yes (Laughs). When there’s a will, there’s a way!

Jenève Gervais - Playground 2018

Catherine: For my part, I was a freelancer for about five years, and I truly felt the need to evolve in something more concrete. Recently, I also started to do some motion design so when I saw the Playground offer, I felt like it was really the best opportunity for me.

Manny : Cool! So how were your first weeks here at Republik?

Émilie: It was really challenging! My first internship was completely different and everything around marketing was passing through me. So now, being in an agency with a better procedure was something to adapt to. Plus, we work with a lot of different clients which brings me to learn more.

Arianne: We’re always learning and the first weeks have been stimulating! You never stop and you can do a little bit of everything. And even if you have your own brands to work on, you can always go seek and discover more about what others are doing.

Arianne Poirier - Playground 2018

Jenève: For sure it’s busy, but I’m pretty sure that’s what drives us all. I’m not sure if I should say this but I’ve learned more here in the past three weeks than with my past experiences.

Catherine: For me everything went really well during the first weeks. What I like is having the opportunity to be creative on several levels. I truly feel like what I’m doing here has an impact and working as a united team is rewarding.

Manny : Let’s talk about teamwork while we’re at it! Generally speaking, a team effort is just as important in an agency than in sports. I would like to know what you think you can bring to our lovely team.

Émilie: Being an influencer and YouTuber can probably help out here. Like for example, I get questioned on how to approach properly an influencer for some projects that the team is working on. The influencer’s expertise is what I can bring to the team.

Émilie Levesque - Playground 2018

Arianne: I would say that my logical point of view is what I would bring to the table. As much as we have a lot of creative brains here, I enjoy focusing on goals for a brand and how to reach them.

Jenève: I think we all bring a new vision. We don’t know much about the agency life, therefore we’re all in the position to have our own ideas and we always want to do more. I love it here! Everyone is open-minded and we’re not scared to share our opinions.

Catherine: What I bring to the team is a good knowledge on trends. I can also bring a wind of freshness in the advertising world with my vision a little bit out of the ordinary.

Manny: To wrap this up, I would like us to reach to our chronometer because I would like to find out who’s the one that can hold her breath the longest.

Arianne: Are you kidding?

Manny: I’m not even joking


Manny : Here’s the thing: I can’t keep up with your records, so when you’re done holding your breath, just tell me the time you see here on the chronometer. 1..2..3..GO!

Arianne: 1 minute 07 seconds.

Jenève: 1 minute 17 seconds.

Émilie: 1 minute 22 seconds.

Catherine: 1 minute 35 seconds.

Émilie: I’ve never done more than one minute.

Catherine: I’ve never done this exercise, I just tried to meditate by focusing on something! (Laughs)

Manny : Girls thank you, it’s all for today! Welcome to Republik and please stay hydrated at all times!

Playground team 2018

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Photos and Touch up: Manny Fortin and Étienne Dufresne
Fashion design and Art director: Catherine Potvin
A big thank you to Gemstone Swim for the swimsuits


As a copywriter, Manny has always made a point of never looking down on anyone.