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Let's talk about the power of B-Corps on the Boiling Point podcast

If you spend any time on social media it would seem that everyone is out there trying to deliver a message. Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see how you could strategize to cut through the noise with your marketing effort.

In this episode

  • We learn about Republik’s effort to become a B Corp and what that has done for the company.
  • There is a discussion about how B Corps should be totally aligned with Quebecois values and that there will be more B Corps to come from Quebec.
  • JP tells us how he learned about B Corps and why it was a fit for Republik.
  • We learn why Republik’s motto is “real talk”
  • Greg asks JP to run through a strategy for promoting his new documentary, City on Fire.
  • JP tells us that different social media has different advantages and disadvantages as it comes to marketing and how developing a strategy for promotion before launch is so important.
  • JP also tells us about his lessons learned and the differences between acquiring a company and starting fresh.
  • Dave admires JP’s passion and his ability to articulate his rich, deep knowledge.


Republik is a social impact creative agency. Its purpose is to give meaning to the growth of brands, through the Creation of Social Capital™. It is the first B-Corp certified agency in Quebec and was named Best for the World in the "Employee" category in 2019, in addition to being a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and a member of the Global Compact Network of Canada.