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The JCCM and Republik are betting on change and inclusivity for the 44th edition of the ARISTA competition

February 23 marked the kick-off of the 44th edition of the prestigious competition, which aims to propel the next generation of Quebec businesspeople. This year, it’s under the theme of inclusiveness and social change that Republik developed the identity of the competition.

For 44 years, ARISTA has been the largest Quebec competition for the next generation of local businesspeople. Over the years, it has brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs with multiple projects, thus creating its very own community.

Social responsibility at the heart of this edition

More than ever, the JCCM wishes to reward young business leaders who work every day to make Quebec society a greener, more inclusive place. If its progressive and inclusive values have always been part of the competition, this year they are intrinsic to all categories. It was therefore necessary to find a way to communicate these values by placing them at the heart of this new edition.

Republik's mandate was to develop the concept and visual identity of this new edition by focusing on the various values ​​of the JCCM, including sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

*A 100% inclusive ode to chang**e

The creative team drew their inspiration from viewing portraits of last year’s award winners. While these people do not all identify with the same gender and are not all from the same culture, they come together around two elements: their beliefs and their commitment to integrate them into everything they do. The decision to choose a campaign slogan as well as an illustrated visual identity rather than a photo was quite natural for the creative team who, like the JCCM, wanted this 44th edition to be more inclusive than ever.

“The business community has a very gendered and white vocabulary and imagery, while the real world couldn't be more diverse. Through an inclusive campaign slogan that brings back the notion of change as well as an imagery in which everyone can identify, we have allowed more people to see themselves in ARISTA”, explains Catherine Foisy, copywriter on the project.

All communications resulting from the competition also reflect this concern for inclusiveness and are written in an epicene manner. They use neutral formulations as well as feminization.

To learn more about ARISTA and submit an application, click here.

The team behind the project

Client: The Young Montreal Chamber of Commerce (JCCM) - Nathan Treton, Victor Sanchez-Lopez, Sandrine Archambault
Consulting Service: Marie-Hélène Leclerc, Élisa Sabatié
Creation: Catherine Foisy, Anne-Marie Brouillette, Frédéric Dupuis
Media Strategy: Justine Laurier


Republik is a social impact creative agency. Its purpose is to give meaning to the growth of brands, through the Creation of Social Capital™. It is the first B-Corp certified agency in Quebec and was named Best for the World in the "Employee" category in 2019, in addition to being a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and a member of the Global Compact Network of Canada.