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Discussing ethics in influencer marketing with GOJI Studios

On June 14, the Republik team sat around with good coffee and granola with GOJI Studios director Elie Prudhomme to discuss influencer marketing.

What is Goji Studios?

Founded just 3 years ago, Goji is a talent pool that provides personalized support for online video content creators and their association with brands. Their YouTube certifications allow them to support creators in a very technical way on best practices and optimize their channels.

"It's important for us to have permanent and regular contact with our creators to develop a real relationship," shares Elie.

Today, Goji has more than 30 exclusive creators in various communities are very diverse and sometimes have a YouTube channel that is very niche.

The 3 characteristics of a good content creator according to Goji.

"A creator who works in co-creation with the brand to bring the two together organically and authentically is the key to success. They need to know their world and create content that their audience will want to engage with while meeting brand’s mission", says Elie.

1. Passion: You shouldn’t start your channel wanting to become a millionaire. According to Elie, it never works. On the contrary, it is the people who start to create content and talk about the topics that they are passionate about whom will have the most success.

2. Structure: Few accounts are able to grow their audiences without frequently publishing, which is why, according to Élie, a good content creator must be assiduous and autonomous.

3. Understanding Marketing Issues: The reality is that the goals of the collaboration must be met. As a result, a content creator must have a good understanding of social media marketing.

The evolution of influencer marketing from an ethical point of view

We asked the director of Goji where influencer marketing is going according to him, and his approach was very enlightening.

"Today, the market is self-regulating and forces itself to be transparent about collaborations, particularly with the #AD, but it is not really framed legally in Quebec," shares Elie.

To answer all your questions about the legal practices to follow in an influencer marketing initiative, please consult our summary.

The director struggles with the evolution of youth exploitation on social networks. There are strict rules for child actors, who must, among other things, see psychologists and not spend too much time on film sets, however, this is not the case for social networks.

Children can not only spend a lot of hours online, but they can also be exposed to cyberbullying. According to him, the evolution of influencer marketing will depend greatly on its management and its legislation.

The same goes for the creator and their responsibility for the message that they are sharing. In the future, he hopes he will be supported so that everything does not rest on his shoulders.

What do you think?

It's easy to forget the perverse effects of influencer marketing. We are curious, and we want to know what you think! The discussion is open in our private messages!

Thank you to Élie for presenting your company to us and sharing your vision of influencer marketing!


Graduating from a bachelor's degree in Management Sciences at UQAM, Arianne completes the team as a content editor and community manager.