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Top 5 tips on how to start using IGTV right away

It is no surprise that Instagram is taking the lead in social platforms. With the official launch of IGTV, a standalone app that is also visible on the original application, Instagram permits its one billion users to upload up to one hour of video content that will remain on the platform permanently.

A quick break down of the feature

Anyone and everyone can create their own channel where they can upload an unlimited amount of full-screen portrait-oriented videos. Users can leave comments, share and follow channels.

Similar to the original app, there is an Explore tab where specific types of content you engage with will appear. Don't worry, any account you are following on IG will show up on your IGTV profile.

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A new feature that resembles YouTube...

Our online behaviours have drastically changed. We have entered an era where too much text will cause the viewers to scroll away, timid (or lazy) to take the time to read. We now consume content mindlessly and quickly. It comes to no surprise that with this change in behaviour, Cisco has projected that by 2021 every second a million minutes of video content will be uploaded online... After reading this statistic, it is understandable why IG has jumped on the bandwagon of creating a space where video content can remain without an expiry date such as it is now the case in the Story feature. They've designed a way to keep the one billion users within the app, without having to move over to another platform to view video content.

With this new feature and video content taking over the web, users no longer need to drive their following to YouTube to watch their latest video. By diving in the long-form video content market, IGTV is tackling head front YouTube and its monopoly within the market.

Let's keep in mind that Youtube is a platform that functions on the search of key terms while IGTV still only is an actuality feed and discovery through people.

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What does that mean for you as a brand or as an influencer?

First and foremost, whether you are a brand or influencer and a new feature is released you must jump on it. Most applications will always favour accounts that use their features to the maximal and, most importantly, you do not want to wait until your competitors start. But the real question is, how to seize this opportunity?

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind:

  • Desperate to start posting but don't have time to generate content? Re-share any already existing high-quality videos, past collabs, past tutorials... Just make sure to reformat the content so it can be viewed vertically.

  • Don’t cheap out. There’s a reason why they’ve trademarked it with the abbreviation ‘TV’; content must be at the same standard as you expect when binge watching seasons of your favourite series. Invest in creating high-quality videos; after all whether you’re a brand or individual, that is what people expect from you.

  • As a brand, modify your influencer marketing contracts to include video content, that way the collaboration will remain permanently on your channel.

  • If you are an influencer, modify your rates according to your reach on the new feature. The number of views and comments are visible, meaning your reach and engagement rate are simple to find. Just like brands, don’t wait until everyone has developed a channel, start posting NOW!

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  • Remember your brand and don’t forget it. Only share videos that reinforce your identity. Unsure of what your followers want? Create a poll via your Story.

Don’t delete your YouTube channels just yet… it is still unclear on how brands or influencers will be monetized for their work. But don’t worry, we will be sure to keep you updated!

What are your thoughts on this new feature/stand alone app? Whether you are a brand, influencer or just a consumer, will you be watching IGTV? Feel free to send us and questions or comments!


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