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Instagram’s Mute button: how to make sure your followers won’t use it?

Since it became Facebook’s little sister, Instagram keeps on adding new functions to the app. The last one is the infamous “mute” button with which users will be able to hide the content they don’t want to see anymore while still following the account. Here are a few tips to avoid getting muted.

Frequency of the posts

How often should one post on Instagram? That’s a question that lots of people wonder and now that there’s a risk of getting muted, it’s time to seriously think of it. Concerning the feed, you have to be very careful of the frequency at which you publish the posts. Publishing once a day: it’s doable, depending on the account and the type of posts. Publishing several times a day: no! If followers feel like they just see the same content from the same account over and over again, they’ll grow tired of it very quickly. And if you decide to publish several times a day, it’s not an issue as long as you have determined the right moments for that. The statistics tool was made for that! It’s obvious that these rules don’t apply to Stories since you can post, reasonably, all along the day.

Audience’s analysis

Your followers don’t necessarily want to see the content that you want to share… Stay authentic while offering content that they like. If the followers like memes: give them memes! If they like a more polished content, then try to obtain a neater feed. The followers and the brand go hand in hand, reason why the analysis is so important. You have to get to know what makes your typical follower and what he likes. There is nothing wrong with adapting to the followers, on the contrary, it’s the best way to keep your follower’s attention.

Content and quality

If there’s one thing you should never neglect; it’s the quality of the content. Curation or creation, choosing the elements that make the feed has to be done very meticulously. It’s important to make sure the quality stays constant. Having a good-looking feed is not just esthetical, it sends the follower the message that the brand is meticulous and stays true to itself. But having a good-looking feed also means the content has to keep on standing out. The content also has to be relevant, no need to fill the story with random content or your followers will start using the mute button.

Creative and entertaining content

Dr. Carl Marci, the chief neuroscientist at Nielsen, explains that at the digital era, the audience’s attention keeps on declining. Brands have to find a way to stand out. The solution? Creativity! According to his studies, the more a brand is creative, the more it acquires visibility.

If your feed is out of the box and you publish creative content, you’ll get better chances of increasing your number of followers. Knowing that your content is appealing, your follower won’t mute you.

Attractive videos

Everyone loves videos … as long as there are not loads of them! Think about it, a video takes more data than a picture. Don’t get muted because of data! Also, ask yourself: do the followers really want to watch videos? If it works well for dancers or comedians, it might not be the case for your account. Use the Stories instead! Live videos or behind-the-scenes clearly became the place where you want to publish your videos. But be careful, you need to adapt the format. A video that is popular on Facebook won’t have the same impact as a Story. It’s the right moment for you to communicate about what you represent in an authentic way. Be creative and don’t publish too much.

Finally, it doesn’t matter what’s your methodology as long as it corresponds to your audience’s needs. Do polls if you have to, using the tools Instagram gives you in order to determine which subjects are the most attractive to your followers. If you post new content in your Stories, maybe you can ask your followers if they want to see the same type of content more often! Just get creative and keep in mind your followers’ interest!