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Friday Surveys’ Results

Every Friday in our Instagram Stories, we run short, non-scientific surveys for fun. For five months, our community has answered five quick questions every week. Here's what they had to say:

Two weeks ago, when we asked our community if they wanted to find out the results of our surveys through an article, 94% of them said yes. So here it is!

Lockdown Edition

Little throwback: A few days after the official statement about the COVID-19 lockdown in March, we decided to start our weekly “Friday Surveys”. The first edition, as well as those that followed, focused on our community’s new reality. Here are the questions asked and answers.

  1. Do I prefer video calls or phone calls?
    a. 69% of respondents prefer video calls
    b. 31% of respondents prefer phone calls

  2. Do I spend my time cooking or do I constantly get food delivery?
    a. 88% of respondents cook
    b. 12% of respondents get food delivered

  3. Do I follow the news religiously or stay away from it?
    a. 45% of respondents follow the news religiously
    b. 55% of respondents stay away from it

  4. Do I enjoy shopping online or I’m actually taking a break from shopping?
    a. 43% of respondents enjoy shopping online
    b. 57% of respondents are taking a break from shopping

  5. Do I spend more time on social media or do I take this opportunity to get away from them?
    a. 83% of respondents are spending more time on social media
    b. 17% of respondents are spending less time on social media

  6. Do I spend my free time outdoors or do I only go out once a week for groceries?
    a. 58% of respondents are spending more time outside
    b. 42% of respondents only go out to do grocery shopping

  7. Do I think this crisis will change things or that everything will go back to how it was before?
    a. 76% of respondents think things will change
    b. 24% of respondents think that everything will go back to how it was before

  8. I spend my time working out or watching shows?
    a. 46% of respondents are mostly working out
    b. 54% of respondents are mostly watching TV shows

  9. Have I heard from my grandparents only once or do I connect every week?
    a. 60% of respondents have done it once
    b. 40% of respondents do it every week

  10. Do I drink more alcohol than ever or did I drink more when bars were open? *
    a. 45% of respondents drink more alcohol than ever
    b. 55% of respondents drank more when bars were open

This question was asked in April when businesses were closed.*

  1. Do I miss seeing my colleagues in person or do I actually love working from home?
    a. 59% of respondents miss seeing their colleagues in person
    b. 41% of respondents love working from home

  2. Do I spend my time cleaning or am I messier?
    a. 59% of respondents do more housework
    b. 41% of respondents are messier

  3. Do I sleep better or not during the lockdown?
    a. 57% of respondents sleep better
    b. 43% of respondents don’t

  4. Did I get tested for COVID-19 or I didn't need to?
    a. 10% of respondents have been tested
    b. 90% of respondents didn’t need to

  5. Are my pets and I happy or are we getting on each other’s nerves?
    a. 65% of respondents are happy
    b. 35% of respondents get on each other’s nerves

  6. Am I more of the SAQ or SQDC type?
    a. 87% of respondents are more SAQ
    b. 13% of respondents are more SQDC

  7. Have I found a new passion or am I still looking for one?
    a. 47% of respondents have found a new passion
    b. 54% of respondents are still looking

  8. The purpose of my video calls are to follow an online course or to party with my friends?
    a. 46% of respondents take online courses
    b. 54% of respondents contact their friends

  9. Is my love life okay or is it complicated?
    a. 66% of respondents have no issues
    b. 34% of respondents say it's complicated

  10. Have I bought a mask or is it not in my plans to buy one?
    a. 86% of respondents bought a mask
    b. 14% of respondents still did not have one

  11. Am I more in touch with my loved ones than before or has distancing taken us away?
    a. 72% of respondents are more in contact than before
    b. 28% of respondents have moved away

  12. Am I considering making professional changes or am I fully satisfied with my work?
    a. 55% of respondents considered it
    b. 45% of respondents are satisfied

  13. Do I live day to day or do I plan for the medium / long term?
    a. 45% of respondents live day to day
    b. 55% of respondents plan for the long term

  14. I live in the city / countryside - Am I considering making the switch or am I okay where I live?
    a. 26% of respondents considered the switch
    b. 74% of respondents won’t

  15. Am I in real talk mode with my relatives or do I prefer small talk?
    a. 77% of respondents are in real talk mode
    b. 23% of respondents are in small talk mode

  16. Have I ever broken social distancing rules or have I allowed myself a few breaches?
    a. 25% of respondents had never broken the rules
    b. 75% of respondents had already broken the rules

  17. Do I spend my time reading about a topic or do I prefer to learn by listening to videos?
    a. 32% of respondents prefer to read
    b. 68% of respondents prefer watching videos

  18. Have I created a TikTok account or am I tired of the buzz around this platform?
    a. 33% of respondents have a TikTok account
    b. 67% of respondents are tired of hearing about the platform

  19. Am I spending more time than ever waiting in lines or do I just avoid them?
    a. 27% of respondents wait a long time
    b. 73% of respondents avoid them

  20. Have I avoided using public transit in the last 3 months or am I actually taking advantage of it since no one is there?
    a. 95% of respondents had not taken public transit in 3 months
    b. 5% of respondents took advantage of it

  21. My roommate gets on my nerves more than ever or I couldn't do without her / him?
    a. 23% of respondents are tired of their roommates
    b. 77% of respondents cannot do without their roommates

  22. Have I started growing seedlings or do I continue to buy herbs at the grocery store?
    a. 50% of respondents are cultivating seedlings
    b. 50% of respondents continue to buy at the grocery store

  23. Am I buying more local than ever or just can't do without Amazon?
    a. 79% of respondents buy more local than ever
    b. 21% of respondents cannot do without Amazon

  24. Do people who violate the rules of social distancing get on my nerves or other people's lives don't concern me?
    a. 58% of respondents get angry
    b. 42% of respondents don't care

Is Your Business Useful Edition

Last June, we asked questions related to the launch of our Next-Step Guide, created to help businesses build a better future and use the pandemic as an opportunity to do things differently. Here are the answers we got:

  1. Is your company's mission clear and shared by all and is it easy to make decisions without deviating from it?
    a. 70% yes
    b. 30% no

  2. Do you know your customers and suppliers and is it easy to understand their needs?
    a. 84% yes
    b. 16% no

  3. Does your corporate culture allow the emergence of new ideas and outside-the-box thinking?
    a. 78% yes
    b. 22% no

  4. Is your in-house structure effective enough to quickly take action?
    a. 75% yes
    b. 25% no

  5. Are the decisions guided by motives other than the profitability of your business?
    a. 80% yes
    b. 20% no

  6. Are your actions useful and address a need identified among your customers?
    a. 96% yes
    b. 4% no

  7. Is your company constantly looking for innovative partners to increase the scope of its mission?
    a. 74% yes
    b. 26% no

  8. Are your actions during a period of crisis consistent with those taken before?
    a. 87% yes
    b. 13% no

Holidays & Tourism Edition

Last August, when the province of Quebec gradually reopened the economy, international travel was still banned and everyone took it as an opportunity to travel and discover their own country. Did our subscribers have to change their plans and did everything work out as planned? Let’s find out.

  1. Did you have to change your vacation plans for the summertime or did you not have any plans yet?
    a. 42% of respondents have changed their plans
    b. 58% of respondents did not have plans yet

  2. Are you more into hiking or hanging out by the lake?
    a. 34% of respondents are more into hiking
    b. 66% of respondents are more into hanging out by the lake

  3. Are you more sunset or sunrise?
    a. 67% of respondents like sunset better
    b. 33% of respondents like sunrise better

  4. Are you more the type to do camping or get a hotel room?
    a. 54% of respondents sleep camping style
    b. 46% of respondents sleep at hotels

  5. Do you like to visit tourist attractions or usually avoid them?
    a. 35% of respondents like to visit them
    b. 65% of respondents prefer to avoid them

  6. Are you more Côte-Nord or Gaspésie?
    a. 27% of respondents like Côte-Nord better
    b. 73% of respondents like Gaspésie better

  7. Are you more Abitibi or Saguenay?
    a. 19% of respondents like Abitibi better
    b. 81% of respondents like Saguenay better

  8. Do you prefer to explore Quebec or Canada?
    a. 66% of respondents prefer Quebec
    b. 34% of respondents prefer Canada

  9. Do you travel to discover nature or culture and food?
    a. 43% of respondents travel to get into nature
    b. 57% of respondents travel for culture and food

  10. Are you more the type to travel solo or with a group?
    a. 26% of respondents travel solo
    b. 74% of respondents travel with a group

  11. Do you prefer to travel across a region or settle in a fixed location for several days?
    a. 59% of respondents travel across a region
    b. 41% of respondents settle in one place

  12. Are all your days planned in advance or do you go with the flow on a day-to-day basis?
    a. 25% of respondents plan ahead of time
    b. 75% of respondents are operating more on a day-to-day basis

  13. Are you part of the “burnt marshmallows” team or “marshmallows turn golden” team?
    a. 30% of respondents are part of the “burnt marshmallows” team
    b. 70% of respondents are part of the “marshmallows turn golden” team

  14. Do you go to bed later or earlier on vacation?
    a. 68% of respondents go to bed later
    b. 32% of respondents go to bed earlier

  15. Do you use your bike on the road or in the mountains?
    a. 84% of respondents bike on the road
    b. 16% of respondents bike in the mountains

  16. When you travel, do you eat in snack bars or five stars restaurants?
    a. 74% of respondents eat in snack bars
    b. 26% of respondents eat in five stars restaurants

  17. Are you more lobster roll or poutine during summertime?
    a. 47% of respondents are more lobster roll
    b. 53% of respondents are more poutine

  18. When you go to the beach, do you spend the day in the water or on the sand?
    a. 63% of respondents prefer the water
    b. 37% of respondents stay on the beach

  19. Do you usually travel with family or friends?
    a. 39% of respondents travel with their family
    b. 61% of respondents travel with friends

  20. Do you pack your bags the day before you leave or a week in advance?
    a. 65% of respondents are last minute
    b. 35% of respondents plan ahead

  21. Camping weekend or spa weekend?
    a. 61% of respondents prefer camping
    b. 39% of respondents prefer the spa

  22. Do you come back more tired or better rested from your week of vacation?
    a. 69% of respondents come back more tired
    b. 31% of respondents come back more rested

  23. Are you a pro at lighting fires or do you let others do it?
    a. 55% of respondents are pros
    b. 45% of respondents let others do it

  24. Are you more or less active during your vacation?
    a. 51% of respondents are more active
    b. 49% of respondents are less active

End-of-Summer Edition

As the summer comes to an end, with our initiative going on for several months, it was time for us to ask our community if they liked our Friday Surveys in order to know if we should continue them.

  1. Surveys have been carried out every Friday for over 3 months now, is this an initiative that you like?
    a. 87% of respondents love Friday Surveys
    b. 13% of respondents are indifferent

  2. Knowing that it is still a lot of work, should we keep doing it?
    a. 70% of respondents want us to continue
    b. 30% of respondents suggest that we take a break

  3. Should we do an article to present the results of all the surveys?
    a. 94% of respondents wanted this article
    b. 6% of respondents did not see the point

The positive response from our community prompts us to believe that there is still room for our little surveys on Friday. Come back next week for a brand new edition!


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