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6 factors that change the price of an influencer collaboration with Le Slinsgshot

6 factors that change the price of an influencer collaboration with Le Slinsgshot.

On April 12, Philippe Cloutier, Director of Sales and Media Creativity at Le Slingshot, lead a conference focused on collaborations between influencers and brands in our office.

What is Slingshot?

Le Slingshot is an agency representing 31 influential creators for the 18-34 age group. With more than 22 million views per month generated by their creators, the agency mainly deals with representing them well with brands that want to work or associate with them.

"These creators are the star system of young people, nothing less." - Philippe Cloutier

"The more the content creator can add his own ideas to the concept, the better the initiative will be, given the natural link that is created between the brand and the influencer." - Philippe Cloutier

6 factors that make the price of a collaboration vary

One of the most frequent question that comes up during the conceptualization of an influence marketing campaign is: what marketing budget should be given to the development of influential content with La Slingshot and their creators?

According to Philippe Cloutier, 6 factors will influence the price of a collaboration with an influencer:

1. The amount of content produced

The more content creators have to produce, the more the price of the initiative increases. For example, the cost of a dedicated video is lower than a dedicated video with an Instagram and Facebook photos to promote it.

2. Who will produce the content

An influencer who reaches more people, has better statistics and/or produces more professional content may be more expensive than others.

3. The platforms that will be used for collaboration

If it is expected that the content created will be shared on the influencer's platforms, the cost of the initiative will be higher than if the initiative is shared only on your company’s platforms. It is normal to pay more to place your paid collaboration on their channel as it will be viewed by more people.

4. The content produced will be put forward thanks to a media budget

"It's simple, when the content produced by our creators is propelled through a media budget, the price of the collaboration can double because we are not anymore talking about only organic reach." - Philippe

5. The period of use of the rights to the image

The longer the brand has access to the content, the image and the name to influence it for redistribution, the more the price of the campaign will increase.

6. The request for exclusivity

It is perfectly normal for a brand to require an exclusivity agreement with the influencer to ensure that no conflict of interest occurs for a specified period of time. On the other hand, the longer this period is, the more the price of the collaboration increases considering the opportunity cost, which is greater.

Thanks to Philippe Cloutier for coming to present his team of influencers this morning, and we’re looking forward to working together very soon!

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Émilie is a Sherbrooke University marketing student and influencer. She joined Republik to work the flipside of her influencer world and improve on her long form writing skills.