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Facebook Brand Collabs Manager: Bringing brands and influencers closer

At the latest ViCon event, Facebook took the stage to share some great news: the arrival of Brand Collabs Manager, a new platform that allows brands and content creators to collaborate on Facebook. Here is our overview.

Photos by MANNY (unless otherwise indicated)
Research by Justine and Olivier
Words by Catherine

The relationship between content creators and brands has always been one of our main focuses here at Republik. But beyond the number of subscribers, we’re most interested in the quality content that creators produce, in their expertise, and in their past collaborations. But above all, we do it without ever losing sight of the message we want to put forward with our collaborations. The Brand Collabs Manager is a new way to help us in this vision, because it brings brands closer to creators. Here’s how.

Collaborating and creating, all under one roof

On Facebook's side, their vision is clear: a one-stop-shop for branded content that connects the different parties on the same platform used to share and create. Brands can submit a brief, consult the answers... and even find the right person to produce their content from right within Facebook. All while having access to benchmarks and other statistical information in order to better understand the value of the agreement.

Why brands should adopt it

For brands, it becomes much easier to find the right person for specific campaigns. Thanks to the Brand Collabs Manager, it is now possible to discover a wide range of creators whose content has already been scrutinized and evaluated by Facebook.

They can now direct their search according to criteria on which they want to base their collaboration and contact creators who meet these criteria directly through the platform. They also have access to numerous statistics on the creator’s audience, engagement rate, frequency of publication, and history of collaboration with brands. Finally, Facebook’s new tool allows you to develop, publish and centralize creative briefs that would normally be sent by email to the influencer or content creator’s agent.

Ultimately, brands will be able to save time and money, which will allow them to invest more time on everything else relating to their campaign.

What about the creators?

On the creators' side, it is basically a mash-up of an online business card and portfolio where they can gather past collaborations from all their social platforms. They can add a media kit with information about their audiences, search for creative briefs, and even apply to the ones that match their profile. But the most interesting addition is that it’s now possible for the content creator to share their audience with the brand, so they can target and boost publications, without going through a long access sharing process.

This means being able to make their profile more visible by ensuring that brands have access to it more quickly than if they had searched influencer lists or various social platforms.

"It goes without saying that bringing everyone under one roof will help us grow our respective businesses. I look forward to working with Brand Collabs Manager to showcase my work and create new relationships with partners I probably wouldn't have thought of on my own. The greatest advantage, in my opinion, is that everyone is in the same place for a common purpose, which is to share content."

-Danik Lajoie, content creator.

Collaborations with a more natural fit

Thanks to this new tool by Facebook, it is now even easier for brands to find collaborators who fit with them and vice versa. The only downside is that few creators have access to and are currently registered to the platform, meaning brands aren’t using it at its full potential.

Our media and content team is currently testing the tool to better understand the pros and cons of the platform. Currently, the influencers we spoke are eager to discover it, despite the fact that most don’t have access to it yet. Filles du Nord are currently testing the platform and agreed to share their observations with us in a future article.

On his part, our Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, Jean-Philippe Shoiry, believes in the potential of the new tool:

"Content co-creation and influencer collaborations are evolving quickly and the approach proposed by Facebook will not only normalize the relationship between brands and creators but also give credibility to the results generated by these partnerships. Although it remains to be seen to what extent this tool will be applicable to the Quebec and Canadian markets, given that most of the existing tools focus their efforts in the American market.”

Facebook Brands Collab Manager

Even more tools to facilitate collaboration

In addition to the Brand Collabs Manager, Facebook recently announced a series of enhancements to its existing features.

  1. More video monetization options for content creators;
  2. A unique feature allowing creators to offer privileged content to a specified group of fans, like Patreon;
  3. New ways for creators to reach larger audiences and better understand the performance of their content;
  4. Information on monetization.

By improving monetization options, Facebook ensures that it creates a direct link between the brand and the creator while avoiding commission charges as some service providers might have done. The social giant is also adding new advertising formats to these improvements that allow creators to generate new advertising revenue.

Conclusion: Facebook wants to make the work of content creators and brands easier. Over the next few months we will continue to test the tool, which will most likely be deployed to Instagram.
Register to the Brand Collabs Manager and share your experience with us!
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