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Our favorite picks from the UQAM annual design exhibit

Every year as may unfolds, the UQÀM design program exhibits the works of their graduating students in a show that shines light on their work in front of their peers, their close ones and mostly, in front of the industry. Our art-director Pierre-Olivier Hivon scoped out this years' talent.

I'm always excited when comes the time for the annual UQÀM design. Having graduated from the program myself, it's always interesting to see how new students evolve and present themselves. As tradition goes, the place was filled for a premiere that impressed everyone in the room.

I only had the chance to go through the 3rd floor, the one that focuses on graphic design. The new media section was a total hit and you can tell the new generation knows how to play with animation & illustration. I tip my hat to you all.

Here are my favorite picks from the UQÀM annual design show 2017.

- PO


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Max Prevo UQAM Design
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Maia Faddoul UQAM Design
Simon Langlais Design UQAM
Julia Gonzalez Roy Design uQAM
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Pamela Jaton & Cedric Gagnon Design UQAM
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Tyran Trieu Design UQAM
Amélie Lehoux Design UQAM