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JEDI committee: Creating an environment where everyone is heard

Agencies are not representative of our society

In February 2021, the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C) launched a demographic study of 58 Quebec agencies. Takeaway? The agencies here are not representative of the diversity within our society.

Similarly, our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee (JEDI) conducted a questionnaire to measure the representativeness of the population at Republik. Although some findings are positive, others are less so. Of the positive findings, is the fact that the majority of our team is made up of women, including our creative and management teams. It is partly thanks to this that most of our colleagues say they have a role model at Republik who looks like them, in addition to feeling like they work in a safe environment where they can be who they are, where diverse perspectives are welcome, and where opportunities for success and advancement are offered across the agency.

It is equally clear, unfortunately, that we are facing a lack of representation of older generations (40+), different education levels and backgrounds, Aboriginal and LGBTQI2SNBA+ communities, people from visible minorities, and people with physical disabilities. It is on these major issues that our committee is focusing its efforts.

“Our industry lacks diversity, our agency too. I think that if this is the case, it is because we, the agencies, have not yet succeeded in offering work environments and corporate cultures that promote the development of all. In other words: it's our fault. My committee and I are working hard to reverse this."

Catherine, head of the JEDI committee

Our commitments in action

The first steps taken by the committee were to:

  • Measure diversity, equity, and inclusion within our agency through an anonymous survey
  • Work in collaboration with a research team from McGill University in order to obtain an impartial audit of our initiatives
  • Put into words our position in the face of these findings so that our JEDI values are now an integral part of our agency's mission
  • Make our job offers more inclusive and more accessible
  • Provide fairer working conditions for all members of our team, including paid personal time off which can be taken for mental health and well-being needs, such as menstrual leave, or to observe religious and cultural holidays
  • Mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Juneteenth, and the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation
  • Develop a training plan that covers all fronts of diversity and inclusion and that above all, makes the whole team aware of the reality of others and undertake to implement the demands of POCAM's Call for Equity.

The work continues

In 2022, the JEDI committee and Republik are committed to continuing the initiatives started last year, within the framework of three main categories of intervention:

  • Recruitment: by setting up hiring quotas, by participating in events that focus on diversity, by meeting talent in universities and in sectors related to our industry

  • Organizational culture: by developing an inclusive communication policy that goes beyond the use of the gender-neutral language, by presenting this policy to the entire agency during a lunch & learn, by reviewing all our communication tools so that they are inclusive, and by offering fully inclusive cultural activities

  • Learning: by activating the training plan offered to our team members and by offering educational content externally