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Social Capital

Governance committee: To ensure the sustainability of the committees

Achieving a long-term vision

Republik may create policies and procedures to improve the working conditions of the team or the impact of the agency, but they still need to be known and understood. The mission of the Governance committee is to ensure the sustainability of the actions of all the other committees, and to make all these initiatives an integral part of our culture, our communications, and everything we do. In other words, the Governance committee seeks to materialize and consolidate Republik's impact positioning through an internal approach.

“To build a truly responsible company, everyone has to be involved. The mission of the governance committee is to break down silos and ensure that the entire team is aware of the practices put in place so that the whole agency is moving in the right direction."

Michele, Committee Manager

An approach governed by continuous improvement

Our governance approach is based on the rigour of the methodological frameworks of B Corp, EOS, and the UN Global Compact, recognized worldwide for their progressive approach to employee experience and sustainable development.

Beyond the best practices of transparency and decentralized communication already in place, the Governance committee asked itself some important questions. How to ensure that the content created by the green, balance and JEDI committees – such as the green policy, the training calendar, or the inclusive editorial policy – is easily accessible to everyone at Republik? How can we sustain the procedures and ensure that certain practices – for example, the analysis of pay equity or diversity within the team – are maintained on a regular basis? How to set up a process of continuous improvement and feed the recommendations of the committees so that they are carried out, improved, and valued? To do so, the Governance committee takes care, among other things, of integrating all of this learning into our talent contracts, the onboarding of new talent, and the agency's monthly lunch & learn sessions.

Our commitments in action

The very first action taken by the Governance committee was to formalize and make recurring the annual Republik Creating Social Capital Day – the first edition of which led to the creation of the committees. This day is now one of the means that the company uses to keep abreast of best practices in terms of social responsibility and to bring together the best ideas and the greatest ambitions of the team.

This is in addition to several governance forums already in place at Republik:

  • The State of the Nation, held once a quarter to inform the entire team of the state of the company according to our four pillars of performance: talent, product, planet, and profit
  • The Townhall, a big event organized once a quarter to highlight the contributions of the team, with a prize given for each of our currencies
  • The Homerun, where, twice a year, we celebrate the creative product and the agency's flagship projects
  • The L10s, weekly continuous improvement meetings for each of the departments
  • The 1:1, weekly meetings between managers and employees to ensure follow-up on the experience and career plan of each person

Next, the committee looked at renewing Republik's B Corp certification and improving our score. This designation - which Republik was the first Quebec agency to acquire in 2015 - is in the process of being renewed for a third time, with a score that will be published on this page once formalized.

The work continues

Over the next year, the Governance committee will seek to:

  • Strengthen Republik's data protection and management policy

  • Write and publish the agency's code of ethics

  • Create and make accessible a salary scale including a comparison of Republik salaries and those of the market according to department, position, and experience

  • Optimize the agency's client satisfaction survey process

  • Measure the environmental and societal impact of our client portfolio