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Creating Social Capital: What Our Employees Think

On November 6, 2018, Republik made a commitment to its employees: to make them choose, guided by their values, the projects they want to work on, in order to give a meaning to their daily work. Together, we are committed to creating social capital.

We asked a few employees what their reaction was when we presented this new vision at the 2018 offsite and how this new purpose is changing the way they view their work.

Here is what they had to say.

Jenève, content editor

"Today, we are constantly creating new things. But I believe that creating value is also about making what we already have better. Personally, creating social capital is about making things better. I realize that it's much more relevant to work with brands that everyone knows and to help them put forward their social and environmental values. It has the potential to influence not just the conscious people, but everyone who shares those values. "

Jessica, strategist & editor

“When I first saw the video manifesto, it was a big eye-opener. I thought to myself: I have no idea how I ended up at Republik, all I have known my whole life is I wanted to do something good, and somehow I ended up at a company that wants to do just as good as I want to do. It’s just gonna make me so much happier about what I am doing. That’s why I still get emotional watching that video.
For me, creating social capital is about reminding our generation that we actually do have the power to do great things and that we just have to be more aware of what we are doing.”

Martin, project and office manager

"What I find nice is that we are committed to working with responsible brands, but at the same time we are committed to being responsible, through our culture, through the decisions we make for the employees and through the suppliers we choose. As an office manager, I now have a responsibility, the responsibility to think every day about "What would Republik do" and to grow a culture that resembles us."

Tyran, graphic and motion designer

"For me, creating social capital allows us to reconcile art and design. For me, art comes from the heart and design, from the head. Design is transmitting through art a message that is not yours. Art comes from you, you do it for yourself.

Because I connect with Republik's values and because we want to work with brands that share our values, I feel that I will be able to share a little more of my heart."

Julie, graphic and motion designer

‘’What I like about graphic design is the connection between beauty and the message. The goal is to communicate something without using words, and words are not my strength!

But quickly, I experienced a challenge: I was having a hard time seeing how I could make an impact and do something good with my work. I think that the new purpose will not change the way I work. I will continue to create beauty but I will do it for meaningful messages, which motivates me. Do good through something beautiful."

Erika, content director

"It's clear that initially, I would never have imagined myself in a marketing agency. My job is journalism and my calling towards journalism will always be there. I always thought that journalists were serving the public. And for me, that’s creating social capital; it's putting information at the service of the public. What motivates me and what intrigues me is the possibility that an agency like ours can deliver information that will serve the public. And it makes me proud, even prouder than the years I've spent in some media, just because it’s a bold move and because it's a marketing agency that decides to do it."

Loïza, community manager

"What struck me when I arrived at Republik is that everyone seems to know each other as friends. We are interested in one another. The human side is really important. And it’s also true in the work we do: we are interested in communities and people’s interests to create content that truly speaks to them.

For me, that’s social capital: it’s the human before all, even before profit. And today, in the world we live in, we really need to collectively put the human forward."

Katy, community manager

"I have pretty strong values. I am vegan and every day I make efforts for the planet that I know everyone is not ready to do.

When I discovered Republik and read about B-Corp, it was the first time I witnessed a company that thought it was important to be fair play.

In the last few years, it felt like I was looking for something. I was getting involved in a lot of projects that were fun, but there was always something missing. When the announcement was made at the offsite, that’s when I realized what I was looking for: a purpose. And even if I had just been hired, I cried (laughs). I thought it was amazing. What is certain is that in 2021, I want to be there and I want to see which brands are going to be there with us."

F-O, creative director

"When the guys asked me to work on the new purpose, I was super excited. It was something I had to believe in to do it well, and clearly, I had believed it from the beginning, even before Republik.

It was my vision that, yes, brands are there to make a profit, but most importantly, they have the potential to create value for everyone. What has always interested me in content marketing is how much it can highlight the businesses’ role in society."


As a Associate Creative Director, François-Olivier is interested in the relevance of brands, which he places at the heart of the editorial and creative approach with which he undertakes each project.