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The first two months of confinement in 10 reflections

Beginning of May 2020: We've been in confinement for almost two months. We had a lot of free time lately to think about our lives, but one must still take the time to reflect.

Did you take the time to put a few things in perspective? What did you learn?

That is what we wanted to know when we posted our two Stories on our Instagram account. Twenty-eight people answered the call.

Hopefully, their responses will resonate with your reflections and stimulate new inspiring thoughts!

First Story: What did you learn from the COVID-19 crisis

Here's what our community had to say after two months of confinement:

1- Most of the time, we run after time instead of taking the time.

" It's nice to take a breather from time to time. " (@mxlevesque)

" I needed to learn to breathe and take things slow again. " (@janierobillard)

" Sometimes, it is more profitable to take your time instead of acting out of urgency. " (@rubymarzano)

" I need to slow down, enjoy life with my family and reconnect with myself. " (@isabelle_cimpan)

2- We're disconnected from who we are and what our needs are.

" I don't need to overconsume to be happy. " (@annie.robi)

" That the current life we live is draining and that we forget to love ourselves. " (@anais_rl)

" The minimalist lifestyle is pleasant and important. " (@fredfouche)

" The suburbs are not that bad, and having a backyard is a newfound need. " (@sarah_brid)

3- Human contact is essential in order to live a happy life

" Solitude is very different when suffered or chosen. " (@youngnyancy)

" Human contact is taken for granted. " (@gingermtl)

" We need human contact to be happy. " (@jpshoiry)

" Human warmth is so important. " (@biggymolo)

4- It's essential to try new things, even if you don't always succeed...

" A puzzle is no more fun if over 500 pieces. " (@basblanc)

" I am capable too of filming TIKTOK videos! " @julie.rigal)

" I learned while in confinement that I need to vary my hobbies and not spend that much time looking at a screen. " (@mathynoblet)

" Working from home is, unfortunately, not that chill. " (@fortinee.c)

5- Finally, we have time to have a deeper reflection on life

" Life is sometimes a little longer than expected. " (@ariclou1617)

" You have to learn to put your comfort aside to help others. " (@youdelice)

" It's time to create useful environmental projects and ideas. " (@lucieleliard)

" The best of people emerge during a time of crisis. " (@quatrefois)

" Sometimes, having no plan is the best plan! " (@catherine.tapin)

Second Story: What are you committing to before the end of the crisis

Once we learned, we need to commit to specific changes and apply them. Here's what our community wanted to invest in:

1- Being more available for friends and family

" Enjoy every occasion to spend time with loved ones. " (@fortinee.c)

" Call my family more. Get more out of the outdoors and stop being such a couch potato. " (@youdelice)

" Hug my parents and friends a lot. " (@ariclou1617)

" Appreciate the little things and time spent with friends/family. " @biggymolo)

2- Managing your time and priorities more effectively

" Taking the time, still. " (@roselinemathieu)

" Breathe. Giving myself time to think and be. " (@janierobillard)

" Stop fooling myself into thinking I have time. " (@lucieleliard)

" Being productive at home again. " (@mathynoblet)

" Taking the time to be, listen to myself, get to know who I am and love myself once and for all. " (@anais_rl)

3-Consume more intelligently

" Think twice before heading to H&M and prioritize local shopping. " (@daabeth)

" Consume less/intelligently. " (@annie.robi)

" Support local businesses! " (@dom_laf)

" Continue to buy local and online! " (@catherine.tapin)

" Have a deeper thinking process when buying something new. " (@quatrefois)

4- Change a few life habits and behaviours

" Stop taking for granted the freedom of life and waiting for the perfect time. " (@alexxfillion)

" Not take anything for granted and live every moment to the fullest. " (@odcards)

" Quit laughing at people who live in the suburbs. " (@sarah_brid)

" Take some distance regarding what I do, and remember that "normal" life is beautiful. " (@rubymarzano)

5- Then, utilize on an everyday basis what we learned about us during quarantine!

" Remember our vulnerability. " (@jpshoiry)

" Continue to work out. " (@marjoobambii)

" Proceed to develop new skills #curiousity. " (@sophitheriault)

" Continue to take time for myself and take care of my loved ones. " (@gingermtl)